Author Topic: How to compile a HEX File using the MCS51 applet in C::B  (Read 2413 times)

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How to compile a HEX File using the MCS51 applet in C::B
« on: June 05, 2020, 05:24:07 pm »
my code compiles w/o an error    how do i compile a HEX file to burn into my microprocessor , assuming the HEX file will be in the directory i created where the bin and obj folders are

 ;D ;D  i figured it out 
create a project, select MCS51, AVR ...etc click go
enter the project name
enter location for the files
click next
deselect debug
select large memory model
right click your project name in the management pane
click properties
select the build targets tab
then the build options button
then compiler settings
policy: use target ops only
categories   select
be verbose
optimize code for size
Intel MCS default
[ MCS51 ] Large model program
output Intel Hex
other options tab
add any other flags
linker settings
target options
include linker ops if any
after build   the HEX file will be in the BIN folder

so this seems to work with using the SDCC compiler so you will need to install SDCC. If you
notice to the right of each selection there is a command line argument , you might be able to use those
with a completely different compiler like Kiel c51 and put the arguments in the "other compiler" flags...will try that later.
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