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FLUID and mouse selection

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Ok, i can reproduce now. You have to switch editor by clicking the mouse in codeblocks:
1) Open Codeblocks
2) Open text file in codeblocks
3) Open the same text file in an external editor
4) Both editors have to be seen on the screen
5) Modify the text in the external editor and save
6) Click in codeblocks.
7) The reaload dialog appears, say reload yes
8) Random text is selected

I created a ticket for this:


I cannot recreate this situation using codeblocks and notepad.
What external editor are you using?

Windows 10, Codeblocks rev 12040.
Are you running/enabling the MouseSap plugin?

I tried with enables and disabled MouseSap - glitch is the same.
I observed it with FLUID (FLTK form designer) and CudaText.  Now checked with Notepad- the same story. 
I doubt it is somehow related to external editor, looks like mouse event somehow corrupted during switching context form the external editor to C::B.
Issue with autoselection appeared if I:
1. Save already opened in C::B source file in external editor
2. Switch from visible on top ext.editor to underlaying C::B  by clicking the mouse on C::B editor context. Looks like it not appears if click was made on the other C::B zones- menu, toolbar... After clicking on  C::B window top bar I got this message (see attach.). No RPT was generated, C::B continue to work without selection issues.

CodeBlocks 12091 (but it was observed from 20.03), Win 10.


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