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FLUID and mouse selection

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I`m observing strange issue:
I`m using FLUID  (FLTK form designer) from C::B (through file association in project tree). Almost any time after I finishing FLUID editing and switch to C::B mouse starts to select text in current file. Likely it is related to reopening generated source file in C::B.
Observed on 20.3+ and Win10.

How do you switch? Alt tab?

Can you describe the problem in more detail?
Step by step to be able to reproduce..

Alt-Tab. I`ll do it at Monday, from work PC.

Situation found to be reproducible if source file, which is  already open in C::B, changed outside, after this dialog (see attach) jumped out. It looks like this artefact does not appear after Alt-Tab or TaskBar switching, but it appears after task switching by mouse click on C::B editor area.
FLUID is not a source, the same effect can be reproduced by external text editor. Looks like mouse event is somehow corrupted when C::B catches focus in this way.

Can you try to reproduce this in notepad++?

i somehow can not reproduce it, or i do something wrong...

[Edit:] if i use alt+tab cb always ask if i want to reload the code, and then this selection issue does not happen for me...
Can you make a step by step description, like
1) Open codeblocks
2) Open file in editor
3) Open the same file in external editor, by going->Start->Notepad.exe->Enter
4) Modify the file in notepad
5) Save the file in notepad
6) Switch to codeblocks by pressing alt+tab
7) No dialog appears
8) text is selected


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