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Compiler Plugin: Plan to add compiler for MSys2?


I am planning to add a Compiler toolchain settings for the MSys2's GCC Compiler.

The planned name is "msys2-gcc". This is one of the things that will be hard to changed; so, I need to confirm the name is OK?
The planned title is "MSys2 GCC".

I plan to add an variable expansion of "$(TARGET_COMPILER_PREFIX)". Mobdro Kodi bluehost

I, also, plan to add variable expansion of "$(TARGET_WORKING_DIR)".

Both of the above variable expansions are going to use forward slashes instead of backslashes.

On my computer, "$(TARGET_COMPILER_DIR)" is "C:\Apps32\MSys2\mingw32\".
While the "$(TARGET_COMPILER_PREFIX)" will be "C:/Apps32/MSys2/mingw32". Notice the last slash is missing.

I use myself msys2 without any problems.
It is installed in C:\msys64 (a standard path).
The 64 bit compiler itself is in C:\msys64\mingw64, which is the base path for my "GNU GCC Compiler_64_Msys2", built from a duplicate of the standard configuration of "GNU GCC Compiler" but with paths and debugger adapted.
With such configuration, I can use from C:\msys64 the msys2.exe console and use the command "pacman -Syu" to update the compiler tool chain. It's now in 9.3 version.
Until now, it works well.
Apparently, it's also possible to install a 32 bit version of gcc and also clang in 32 and 64 bit. Each compiler is located in it's own directory, so you should be able to choose which one you want to use.


I don't like this TARGET_COMPILER_PREFIX. Why do you need it?
Also I don't think we need separate compiler definition for this version of GCC.


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