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wxLedPanel compilation problem with wxWidgets 3.1.4 (wx-master)

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When I try to compile C::B with wx-master (wxWidgets 3.1.4), I have a compilation error within the contrib plugin wxLEDPanel.
The problem is at line 361 in wxledpanel.cpp. Probably linked to recent changes in wxanimation.
It can be solved by not declaring wxAnimation as const.
See proposed patch.
Nevertheless, I'm not sure it's the best solution.

I am guessing this is the git commit you are talking about:

--- Code: ---commit 902a2f08859a0d912aff0562cdaea5a63560124a
Author: Paul Cornett <>
Date:   Mon Apr 6 20:26:49 2020 -0700

    Remove wxAnimation copy ctor and copy-assignment operator implementations

    The compiler-generated defaults will do the same thing

--- End code ---

Edit: Looks like there was a very long list of wxAnimation changes right before this most recent change.

Tim S.

Probably someone should report it :)

Adding compiler option "-fpermissive" made it avoid the error.

We really need someone who uses the code to test to verify any possible fix.

This is the line with the problem for me.

--- Code: ---m_content_mo.Init(ani.GetFrame(0));

--- End code ---

Tim S.

OK. Same line for me (line 361 as told in my 1st post).
There were a lot of modifications in wxAnimation, introduced with the last git branch merge (07/04/2020). It's not only the very last modification concerning ctor, dtor ... which introduced this behaviour.
The -fpermissive flag is effectively suggested by the error code, but as wxledpanel is in a pack of plugins compiled together, I suppose that you put it at a relatively high level. So this flag affects also other plugins I suppose. Could it be a future source of problems ?



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