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Release 20.03 has arrived


Finally, switch to wxWidgets 3.x, many improvements, new features, more stable, enhanced for HiDPI, the new Code::Blocks release 20.03 has arrived. Get it from the downloads section! A changelog summarises new features and fixes.

We provide binaries for the major platforms supported by Code::Blocks, with more to come in the next time.

For those that have trouble with the compiler auto-detection under Windows. Assuming you have installed the right setup (C::B with MinGW compiler!) then the fix should be easy. Use your favourite editor to open the file:


In the upper part, in the section "<if platform="windows">" remove the prefix "mingw32-" (including the minus) for the C, CPP and LD entry.

Then, the auto-detection should work fine. If you do that directly after the installation and before you start C::B the first time it should detect the right compiler right-away.


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