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Patch for wxsglcanvas


I propose a patch in ticket 925 to add the possibility to activate multisample mode in wxSmith/wxsglcanvas. It is conditionnaly added/compiled if wxwidgets version is >= 3.0.0 because these possibilties (keywords) were not here before.

Please disable the tidy comment plugin and recreate patch without the comment changes it does.

Edit: Example changes not wanted

--- Code: ----//------------------------------------------------------------------------------
+//----  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

--- End code ---

Tim S.

OK. Patch modified. I hope that's what you wanted.


Side note:
i am tired of all this #if version checking...
My proposal is to introduce a wxSmith setting, that stores the (minimal) wxWidgets version this project supports and then we check (for new code commits) in the code generation how the code has to be generated, according to this setting. Maybe we can even store this setting in the code itself?

Patches welcome. Soon we will drop 2.8 support anyway...


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