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wxSmith Generates incorrect code for time picker


I am using Code::Blocks 17.12 on Windows 10

About Information Tab :-
Build: Dec 25 2017,08:45:27 - wx2.8.12 (Windows,unicode) - 32 bit
Name: Code::Blocks
Version: Release 17.12 rev 11256
SDK Version: 1.33.0
Author: The Code::Blocks Team

wxWidgets project wizard page 2 :-
wxWidgets 3.1.x selected
wxWidgets project wizard page 4 :-
Preferred GUI Builder : wxSmith
Application Type : Frame Based

Add wxFrame
Add wxTimePickerCtrl
Generates code :-
... says :-
Event macros for events emitted by this class:

    EVT_TIME_CHANGED(id, func):
i.e. not "wxEVT_DATE_CHANGED" as in the generated code

Does this problem result in a build error?
Or does it result in a run-time issue?

If build error, please post the error?

Tim S.

Looks like wxTimePickerCtrl was added to wxWidgets in 2.9.3.

wxSmith has a lot of 2.8 support; but, it is missing some/most support for after version 2.8 of wxWidgets.

Tim S.

Miguel Gimenez:
This patch fixes the issue, I will create a ticket.


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