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Patch to translate 2 scripts


Here is a patch to allow the translation of two distributed scripts : plugin_find_broken_files.script and wx_help.script


Could you rework dynamically created strings to be done with some kind of formatting string?
"A " + something + " B" might not have the same form in another language, so it is better to be something like format("A %s B", something).

I am not the author of these scripts. I simply replaced the some _T by _.
I understand your remark, but at least, for French translations it's not a problem (my work is already in launchpad).
I don't know if the script engine is clever enough to support %d or %s to format numbers and strings, and more, how this engine works.
Finally, I think that your remark concerns only 2 strings (line 88 and 116 in plugin_find_broken_files.script).
So, I'm certainly not the best guy to do such a work. May be the original author ? (who knows how to test that also deeply : at least, for French translation looks OK, but I don't know for other languages)



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