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Thank you! I'll look into it. Probably we should finally replace the docs on the homepage with this one or at least provide both...

Here is a link to the full html version : here
You can also directly download the chm generated manual in English  here or the french one  here.  :D


PS : it may be necessary to unlock .chm files in the Windows file properties to be able to visualize their contents.


--- Quote from: gd_on on March 30, 2020, 03:03:14 pm ---Here is a link to the full html version : here

--- End quote ---
I'll have to find a way how to update this easily. I can only upload files one-by-one at the moment... :-/

I have been able to build the HTML, HTMlWeb, PDF and CHM documentation using the info in the post from gd_on.

I used basic-miktex as for the LaTeX conversions. I found in my setup that the issue with the graphics was caused by the default graphics including the width and height in the HTML file, which I changed by changing the following in the htmlweb.cfg and html.cfg  files as follows:

\Configure{graphics*}{png}{\Needs{\string"\csname Gin@base\endcsname.png \csname Gin@base\endcsname.png\string"}%
          \Picture[PIC]{\csname Gin@base\endcsname.png}%

Instead of manually modifying the web HTML files to remove the TOC in the Web main_codeblocks_en3.html file I created copy of the main_codeblocks_en.tex and removed the TOC and used this for the web html generation.

I did not find a way of automating the CHM generation, so I used the HelpNDoc method.

Attached is my work in progress readme.txt file that I have updated with the instructions I used to generate the docs. The zip file contains the updated/new batch and tex files that go with the readme.txt.

This is the first time I have done any work with LaTeX and as such the changes may be totally wrong or correct, but I have no idea so let me know.

If this is reasonable should I create a ticket for getting the files into the sourceforge SVN doc repo?

May be you could add your modified .cfg files.



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