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Some years ago (oups ! 9 years  :-[), I worked on the translation in French of the Codeblocks user Manual, written in English and German by Mario Cupelli.
As a new Codeblocks version is in preparation, I think it's a good time to update it.
The work is in progress and I'm able to produce an English and a French version (of course), but not a German one (I don't speak German!)
As previously, the work is largely based on the Wiki content, but adapted to Latex files (as it was). I have added and updated many things.
I can produce pdf files and with some additional work (but not too much) html and chm versions (as it was also in the past).
It could be nice if I could directly update the files and add the new ones with svn, but I certainly have not the good rights. Nevertheless, I can preprare a zipped files with all that is needed with the same structure which exists in the docs sub-folder in
You can dowload a preversion of the manual in English  here or the french one  here. ;D
There is still some work in the last part (building C::B from sources), because if it's amost correct for Windows, it's certainly not exact for Linux and not really adapted to Mac.
It needs also some adjustments for the future 20.xx version but probably not too much. ;)


Where are this files stored in svn? If you provide patches I could probably push them.

The svn access is : svn:// for the doc in tex format.
The access for the doc in pdf, chm and html is in (not the same structure as in svn).


I have access to the former. Probably not to the latter. :)

As I cannot update the doc files with svn, here is a 7zip file containing the updated documentation in English and French. As told previously, I cannot do the job for german, sorry.
I have not made it as a patch : it's too big.
The content of the directory userguide is supposed to replace/update the content of the folder svn:// The content of the subdirectory htmlweb which is supposed to replace/update the content of Normally, after replacement ot the files, links in should still work: filenames are the same. I have also put the source of a small utility that I use to restore the original link to png files inside the html files.
This work still needs update, corrections,..., but as it is, it may be already useful.
It's possible to use them directly in the htmlweb subfolder (for pdf, or chm files) also by clicking on main_codeblocks_fr.html or main_codeblocks_en.html for the html version, but if someone who has the correct rights (an admin I suppose) is able to update on C::B web site, it will be nice.


PS : Happy New Year


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