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SourceTrail plugin


I've written a simple plugin to interface with Source Trail.
The source code can be found at

I've currently on tested on Windows using Code::Blocks 17.12

You can use your forum login in the wiki and post it there, so it won't get lost :)
Thank you for your support

It looks like Sourcetrail is now free and open-source software 10 days ago.

For C++ language, it based on Clang, see this page:

In your git .cbp, your second targets' output designation, "debug", is clobbering BrowseTracker.

--- Code: --- <Target title="debug">
<Option output="../../../devel/share/codeblocks/plugins/BrowseTracker.dll" prefix_auto="0" extension_auto="0" />
<Option object_output="../../../.objs/plugins/contrib/BrowseTracker" />
<Option type="3" />
<Option compiler="gcc" />
<Option parameters="--debug-log --multiple-instance -na -ns -nd -p debug" />
<Option host_application="../../../devel/codeblocks.exe" />
<Option run_host_application_in_terminal="0" />

--- End code ---

I've removed the debug build.
I'd used the BrowseTracker project as a template as I kept getting undefined reference errors using the CodeBlocks project wizard. Completely forgot to change the debug build.


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