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update.bat problem in Spellchecker


At line 23 in update.bat (in SpellChecker) it seems there is a problem : found in svn 11887 but may have been introduced in svn 11881)
For me xcopy stops copiing because it does not know if SpellChecker is a file or a directory.
For me it works if I add a \ at the end before the ", thus giving :

--- Code: ---xcopy /D /Y "%CB_DEVEL_RESDIR%\SpellChecker\*" "%CB_OUTPUT_RESDIR%\SpellChecker\"
--- End code ---

strangely, line 24 has not this problem ? Should be as line 17 with a \ at the end too ?


I've applied a patch. I've not tested it nor I can test this at the moment, so patches welcome.

BTW: This matters only when building spellchecker. The main update.bat script should work just fine...

Miguel Gimenez:
Sorry, the patch worked but only if the output folder already existed (which was my case). I just added a patch to ticket 882 restoring xcopy calls.


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