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log filename including compiler, version, linker and debug or release ?

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:) Works for me.


Would be nice not to have to provide the CMD /C(easily forgotten), but works.

Screen snips attached.  One just shows the (copy) filename generated, the other a diff from the original log file with 'standard' file name.

Thanks.  Sorry this was such a marathon.

Be carefull! The copy is the log from the previous build, not from the current build!!!!

I have a plan to solve this and will provide a patch for review for the other devs in the next days.

Hi Everyone,

I am using CodeBlocks 20.03 on Debian 10 and FreeBSD 12.

When I use the Squirrel command in the post-build step, no change is made to the name of the build log file.

--- Code: ---[[IO.CopyFile(_("$(PROJECTNAME)_build_log.html"), _("$(PROJECTNAME)_build_log_") + GetProjectManager().GetActiveProject().GetCurrentlyCompilingTarget().GetTitle() + _("_$(TDAY)_") + GetProjectManager().GetActiveProject().GetCurrentlyCompilingTarget().GetCompilerID() + _(".html"), true );]]

--- End code ---

I believe it is because my $(PROJECT_NAME) is "LPO LogIt" and the name of the build log is lpo_log_it_build_log.html.

--- Code: ---I am guessing that
results in
CopyFile(_("LPO LogIt_build_log.html")
--- End code ---
Is this correct?

Also, I am guessing that the log file creation functionality uses the Code::Blocks project file name as a fallback.

How can I access the actual name of the generated log file so that I can rename it to include the date and perhaps process it with html2text?

FYI, No log file is created without the trailing "CMD /C" which generates an error on both systems.



--- Quote ---FYI, No log file is created without the trailing "CMD /C" which generates an error on both systems.
--- End quote ---
obvisouly, because this is windows only

The build log file is named like this:

--- Code: ---basename = wxFileName(m_pProject->GetFilename()).GetName();
basepath = m_pProject->GetBasePath();
m_BuildLogFilename = basepath;
m_BuildLogFilename << basename << _T("_build_log.html");

--- End code ---

if i look at the macromanager code, that handles the replacing of the files i can see that

--- Code: ---PROJECTFILE
--- End code ---
should be the same name

the of you used "PROJECTNAME" is the name of the project, that has not to be the same as the project file name


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