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An Open Letter Thank You
« on: August 11, 2019, 06:18:51 pm »
Good Morning All,

On my transition from Visual Studio, and C++ Builder 6, I am finding Code::Blocks coupled with wxWidgets quite pleasing to use - once I started acclimating to the new paradigms of both.

Too often we hear of complaints, issues, and requests for assistance on the forums - and some of those requests I've written....But we as users need to show appreciation to those that produce these tools for us.

I want to send an open THANK YOU to the entire dev team for C::B.

It's far more stable than Visual Studio ever was for me, far less problematic than Visual Studio with regard to SQL engines, much more flexible, - and frankly - I'm getting more done in the same length of time than I did under Visual Studio. And I've only been working with C::B and wx for ~3-4 weeks hard-core, although I've played with it earler. Now my development is in earnest (military related contract work) and I'm appreciating both toolsets.

Not to mention that I'm back in C++ - the basis for my University Education (CTU) way back in the day.

So I wish to express a sincere thank you and send me well deserved appreciation to the dev team.


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Re: An Open Letter Thank You
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Appreciated. Thank you.
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