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The 26 July 2019 build (11810) is out.

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--- Quote from: oBFusCATed on July 31, 2019, 11:04:31 pm ---stahta01: Are you mixing SymbolBrowser and SymTab?

--- End quote ---

I think yes is likely true.

The nightly is missing these dlls ThreadSearch.dll, ToolsPlus.dll, and SymTab.dll from folder share\CodeBlocks\plugins.

Tim S.

The missing dlls is probably a problem caused by a wrong EOL formatting in spellchecker\update.bat : C::B generation by Codeblocks_wx31_64.workspace stopped on an error at the end of spellchecker generation, so the 3 last plugins have not been generated (and spellchecker itself is not finished). Killerbot has seen the problem, but apparently after the publication. See posts at the top of this thread.
Problem has been corrected in svn 11819, so next nightly will be correct.



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