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The 06 July 2019 build (11781) is out.

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Are these dll's never updated? Is there any notifications about dll updates?

When nightly build released I must download 3 archives every time and this is inconvenient. I would prefer download all-in-one archive to be sure that I use the most recent version of CB and required dll's.


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zed: Please read the first post in this thread and read,3299.0.html#new

in the post we refer to the needed dll's, you only need to download and replace them when needed. Aka when you see that they have been updated, which is mentioned in the sticky post of nightly releases or because you noticed it is another path mentioned in the post.

You either put them somewhere in your search PATH, or you copy them inside you unzipped nightly.

I am asking you to simplify nightly builds using. Just make them as a Release build including all needed dll's and distribute *.a files in separate archive since the usual user doesn’t need them.

The need for steps bellow is terrible and I believe, that it can be more user friendly.

--- Quote ---3. How to install a nightly build
Allrighty, time for a small recap :
1) CB nightly
2) mingwm10.dll
3) wxmsw28u_gcc_cb.dll
Those are the 3 things we need to install and start up a nigthly build. All 3 of them are available in their own zip file, zipped by using the free and excellent 7-zip ( Just get your copy of 7-zip for unzipping.

Final steps :
1) unzip the CB nightly in some directory
2) unzip both dll's : requirement : they need to be in your PATH, most easiest is to unzip both of them into the same directory where you unzipped the nightly, so they reside next to the codeblocks.exe .

By performing these simple steps you nightly is ready to roll.
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I understand your point of view.

Back in the day we had a nightly every night (much higher frequency of development), and the bandwidth and storage on providers was not that big, so we could for example not have it to pack every night +5MB extra. And to also keep the required bandwidth for download easier, not everywhere there was broadband.

These are the current sizes :
- CB : 23.3 MB (recently doubled in size)
- wx : 5.2 MB
- mingw : 329KB

But as to user friendly, the next request is, we should pack the compiler also each night, like we do in case of a release.

Nightlies were also intended to get quick feedback, from an audience who know how to use them and to put in a little effort.

So we do have some arguments more on the "let's do it side"
- the frequency is no longer 'nightly'
- CB itself doubled size, so why would we bother then for the 5MB of wx
- storage is no longer that scarce as it was 10 years (or longer) ago
- broadband is probably now a more common good

Let us think about it ;-)


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