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--- Quote from: gd_on on April 21, 2020, 10:58:40 am ---A new problem, mix of languages :
Usually, I use a translated version of C::B, in french. Sometimes, I need to switch the interface to English, at least to verify the exact word used in the original interface.
After my last switch, I have seen this dialog (see attachment). The sentence, describing the conflict in English and french are the same, as if there where a mix of languages.
(svn 12069, but may be appeared before).
And in Settings/Environmement/Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl-W and Ctrl-Shift-W appears twice.
I tried to delete one of them in the right part, but it's not sufficient. I have to delete All to avoid this warning.

--- End quote ---

Fixed: rev 12189

Thanks for the fix.
I'll try this as soon as possible.



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