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C::B and arduino-builder


Programming Arduinos in ArduinoIDE is easy but not comfortable, I think.
Programming Ardino in C::B is comfortable but not easy.
I tried to combine  C::B comfort for code writing and ArduinoIDE easy building.

I wanted write a wiki page about it but unsuccessfully. So here is the pdf tutorial. Tools_plus file with tools for import into C::B. And wizard files.

I hope it could be helpful for somebody.


EDIT: Sorry, the tutorial is bigger then 128KB. So the wizard files must be enough  :-[

Well, here is text file but without pictures. Maybe better than nothing. ;)

Thank you for you work.

but is it possible to make the doc with pictures?

The doc with pictures has almost 2MB. And restrictions for the attachment here is 0.5 MB unfortunately  :(

EDIT: The tutorial uploaded to my sourceforge account. :) Try this link:

It was launched new version of Arduino package 1.8.11
There is a new philosophy of Arduino-Builder source. It calls Arduino-cli (command line interface) now.
For correct working with C::B there are needed a little modifications in the Arduino-Builder (Arduino-cli) source files. Then building it and replacing of the arduino-1.8.11\arduino-builder.exe with the built one.

See for more information.


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