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Has anyone considered replacing autotools with CMAKE for building code::Blocks?

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Seems to me that for bouncing back and forth between macOS, Windows and Linux, life is easier on a CMAKE-based build than autotools, which doesn't run natively on Windows and is painful at best on macOS.

Yes, I've considered it, but I can't find the time or desire to port the whole build system to cmake. I prefer to work on actual bugs making C::B better for users and accept that the development would be a bit harder.

Hopefully you won't mind if I give it a shot. My thinking is that, if you make the development process easier, more people will tackle a bug or two rather than spend hours figuring out how to build (as I have with Alpine, much less macOS).

I doubt it. CMake is not really user friendly. In fact on linuxes autotools is a lot user friendlier than cmake.

That's a personal opinion. Besides cmake improved a lot to my opinion. I agree with billus however I see your point too about the work.

@billus: do you have anything working yet? Maybe I can assist?


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