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Docker Alpine Linux code:Blocks
« on: March 13, 2019, 01:58:06 am »
If anyone cares about this type of thing,

I've posted a Docker container for Alpine Linux with code:Blocks and gcc/musl on the Docker hub and to GitHub.

Some may know that Alpine Linux uses musl instead of glib for size and reliability reasons. Unfortunately that also makes base Alpine unable to run binaries compiled against glibc, which is pretty much everything that's not explicitly compiled for Alpine Linux.

The wonderful thing about Alpine is that it's as thin as Linux gets. Base Alpine is a 5 MB image. There's work to be done, but I'm trying to get my Alpine + Firefox + code:Blocks + vncServer image to under 256MB.

Download Docker for your platform (free) and try "docker pull wilfredsmith/alpine-codeblocks-vnc" To start an instance, "docker run -p5901:5901 wilfredsmith/alpine-codeblocks-vnc"; then connect a VNC client like Tight VNC or Jump Desktop to localhost:5901. Right click to see the installed applications and select code:Blocks.