Author Topic: Unix V's Windows project file language standard different (c++11 V gnu++11)  (Read 4578 times)

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I was just looking at the C::B project files and it seems the standard compiler standard is:
    Unix: "std=c++11"
    Windows x86 & x64: "std=gnu++11"

Does anyone have any ideas why there is a difference when the standard C::B compiler used to build itself is GCC or can post me a link to read as to why there is a difference? It would be nice to be consistent if possible.

Offline Miguel Gimenez

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Looks like GNU extensions are not used at all (Unix compilation would fail). IMHO it is better to use c++11 in all projects.

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I don't see the gnu++ 11 extension feature in our C::B's code base. So, I agree with Miguel Gimenez.
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