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I'm a macOS developer interested in contributing to Code::Blocks. Is anyone currently working on getting macOS support back to current? If not, has anyone shared notes on what needs to be done and/or what's most broken?

Or should I just presume that 13.12, from December 2013 is the starting point?

There are some problems which makes C::B hardly usable on macOS.
1. wxchoice controls aren't visible in toolbars.
2. pressing enter in the find dialog doesn't work
3. starting the terminal doesn't work
4. the debugger probably doesn't work, because we need to use the gdb/mi interface for communication, but we don't.

1 and 2 are problems in wxWidgets.

These are the issues I've found from the minimal use of C::B on macOS. I'm sure there are many more. Fixing the first three is a prerequisite to getting an official build released.

BTW: There are night builds. You can try them and report problems or post patches.

Maybe we can just use lldb-mi

Yes, but this means writing new debugger plugin. There is one in half baked state, but it needs a lot of work to be fully functional.


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