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undefined reference to `Serial'

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17.12 should be fine. I don't know the reason for the error... It seems some xrc file is not found.


--- Quote from: maro on December 14, 2018, 09:13:19 pm ---Now when I create a new project (Arduino) I get an error dialog "Arduino Project has failed to load XRC resource..." not sure what this means to be honest :-)

--- End quote ---
This means that the wizard.xrc file in the arduino template has problems loading for some reason.

So I assumed this already  :D

Do you know a way to debug or get more detailed log while loading the xrc file. So perhaps I can fix this? I am not really familiar with the code blocks templates...

At the moment you have to use a debugger to debug cb itself.

I've pushed a fix which will show the full path to the xrc file. Hopefully this would make easier for people to debug using future versions of cb.


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