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cannot make a Configuration of Makefile for Esp8266 extensa-lx106 tools

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--- Quote ---does it affect if I set the compiler from esp8266 compiler i have to C::B IDE with toolchain settings without using esp-open-sdk?
--- End quote ---
No, all settings in codeblocks are ignored if you use external makefiles...

--- Quote ---or can I set an internal build system with toolchain xtensa-lx106-elf tools from libraries Arduino IDE?
how do i can work around it sir?
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If you want to stick with the makefile you can ignore codeblocks at the moment and try to make the commands

--- Quote ---make -f Makefile clean
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---make -f Makefile all
--- End quote ---
running from the console. If they are running in the console without error they will also work in codeblocks. (if not this is the right place to ask for help).

Have you tried to build the examples from the esp-open-sdk?
If they are running we can try other things. But until they are not running it makes no sense to work future...

NOTE: I have now read a bit about the esp-open-sdk and as far as i can tell you do not need arduino for using it... It probably will mess things up if you mix esp-open-sdk and arduino files/toolchain.
So if you want more help please describe exactly what you want to do, what toolchains and what library you want to use....

If i find time this weekend i will try to setup a codeblocks project for esp-open-sdk without arduino...


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