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Question on cbSystemView - an SVD plugin

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--- Quote from: oBFusCATed on November 26, 2018, 06:53:57 pm ---Something is wrong with your install. Probably C::B is loading plugins from two places and in both of them you have the same plugins.

If you've not passed a non-default prefix to configure it is a good idea to do so. It will make it a lot easier to clean up your install and start over.

--- End quote ---

OK, will rebuild with a different prefix, sounds like that should keepo the test versions away from the standard install?


Yes, if you mix them you'll suffer quite a bit. Also it is possible to build codeblocks with codeblocks and also it is possible to setup the external plugin to also work with this version.

Thanks, the prefix hint has helped enormously.

I now have the plugin sort of working in a recent nightly. Getting some seg faults in some places due to lack of error checking, so have added that.

Quick generic question about plugins and the dev cycle though since I am now at the point of altering the plugin code.

I am building the plugin in codeblocks itself, this results in a directory containng the cbplugin file and the zip file. This is where I originally installe the plugin from. On a rebuild of the plugin, where should I copy those to to update the code blocks installation (which I have in a directory in my home directory as specified by --prefix). When the plugin was originally installed it must have copied the zip file to ~/codeblocks_install/share/codeblocks, but I do not know what it did with the matching cbplugin file? Or indeed its contents. Currently reading the plugin docs to try and find the best procedure for development here.

There should be a target called "to_codeblocks" there the plugin will get installed automatically to codeblocks. The ".cbplugin" file is an archive that can be installed via Plugins->Plugin manager->install

Ah Ha, presumably I need to alter the post build step to zip up to my specific codeblocks directory (as per --prefix)?]

EDIT: Ah, no, its uses the (#cb) thinkg to find it! Cool! thanks.

EDIT2: But there does seem to be an extra devel30 in there....remove?


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