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Adding a new project type for a new embedded device/board

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Been getting on quite well with this, my wizard creates an embedded project, copies require .c and .h files to the projects, sets up the compiler etc (ARM M0)

But a bit confused by some assembler files (not inline) that will need to be added to the project. If these are named .s does copying them to the project mean they are automatically added for assembly rather than compilation? Do I need to do anything else to make the project build sucessfully when it contains .s files?

I cannot actually try this out at the moment as this is preliminary work without some support I need, so would apreciate any hints.


I'm not sure if C::B knows how to compile assembler files, probably it doesn't. It is something which is often requested. So it probably could be added.

You can check this page:

You can try this even if you don't have all the pieces.

Thanks,will take a look Monday.

codeblocks should handle s files automatically, at least the avr compiler does...


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