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RFC: collect system information so users can attach it when looking for help

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I have updated my unofficial x64 installers on source forge to include the changes in my posts above, see,24592.0.html for details.

If you do get a chance to look at them can you also see if the changes I have made "resolve" ticket 808 w.r.t. fixing the issue in a different way than as per the ticket, but such that the end user can hopefully not end up with an invalid compiler [YOUR ANSWER IS ALREADY THERE. SEARCH THE FORUMS!] (okay they can if they are too smart for their own good by doing worse things than I have tried) is okay or not. If not can you please let me know what you think could be done next to resolve ticket 808 on the,24592.0.html  thread or in the ticket.

If you do not want to install them then you can unzip the NSIS installer exe with 7ZIP to get to the files that are installed in the program files directory.

Attached is the system information collected from Xubuntu 20.04 virtualbox guest using my latest C::B source code that I just successfully compiled under Linux.

If anyone thinks that I should add extra output for Linux that will help in trouble shooting C::B issue please let me know and I will try to add it.


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