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CodeBlocks on a Planet Gemini


Has anyone got any experience of running CodeBlocks on a Planet Gemini?  I'm thinking of buying one, installing and running Debian on it, then sticking CodeBlocks on top of that and having a play.  I would love to know if anyone here has been down that route and can let me know how it worked out. 

I don't think you can use codeblocks without mouse... And if you have a mouse, why not a real laptop with trackpad?
Also: GUI and compiling applications are cpu intensive and i don't know if this "palm" can handle this...

Thanks for your feedback. 
The mouse isn't a problem, I usually don't use a mouse on CodeBlocks on my laptop, or maybe a small bluetooth mouse that fits in a pocket, and the Gemini also has a touchscreen. 
A real laptop won't fit in my pocket, the Gemini will. 
As for the CPU intensive nature of GUIs and compilation, the Gemini has a lot more processing power than my laptop. 
So if there is no reason in principle why it won't work then I'll give it a go. 
I'll let you know how I get on. 

IMHO it would be way better to just get a small portable laptop instead, just make sure it's something you can use.


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