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Debugger path problems

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My current project is separated like this:

--(output & data files)
----(.cpp files)
----(CBP project)
----(.h files)

Some of my header files contain inline code that I need to debug, however when invoking GDB I get the error from the debugger:

Starting debugger: done
No source file named ..\\include\\game_interpanimator.h.

Basically, it seems like I can't debug any files not inside the directory that my CBP file is located. Can someone give me any tips on how to rectify this?

This has been fixed in CVS. The upcoming release (expected this week) has many improvements/bug-fixes, including this :)


Brilliant. You're doing some excellent work Yiannis.


Not doubt a great work.
But I'm using the Code::Blocks version 1.0-beta7 and it still has this (or a similar) problem.
I have my project seperated exactly in the same style /src /include and when I set a breakpoint in one of those files it gives me that same msg  but with the / slahes (Win32)
The only way to debug is to remove all files from the project and add them again in the "main" dir. :S
Any help?

There are two issues that this could be. One is the path problem...I will be putting out a patch for that today (if it passes inspection!). The other is the question of what target it is in. For instance, you will get that message if you try to debug compilergcc.cpp, but chose the main codeblocks target (src). Since that target does not include the file, it will not be found.


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