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Thx Rick for all You've done.

Maybe I don't know You very well (somehow I feel it's my fault), but I must say: I'm proud of You, and I'm proud I could work with You, and most of all I'm proud I was given a chance to work with someone who decided to leave everything to spread the gospel.

I'll pray for You,  and hope You'll sometimes pray for us too :) God bless

Aww, this sucks, which I saw it sooner. Rick, you'll be missed. I've lurked since Code::Blocks came out, and I've always admired your work here on the forums and in the code. Be safe.

And thanks for all you've done.

you are the one that encourage me and give me a lot of guidance in the starting stage  , personal thanks a lot :)

and of course thanks for all the effort putting in Code::Blocks ... you will be back , don't you ? :)


A big Thanks. When others had little patients with us n00bies, you were there to encourage us. I really appreciated that. I hope to see ya back here when you're through roaming elsewhere.

Thanks again,

I've been using Code::Blocks for a short while now, but I appreciate all of the work that was put into it.  Thank you very much for your contribution in making this software available.  I cannot even begin to explain how much of a difference it has made for me as I cannot afford commercial software (but who needs it with this?!)

May God bless you wherever He sends you.  I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Please take care, and thanks again for your hard work.


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