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Build on 2/5/06


   I was attempting to do my first Unicode build of the contrib plugins workspace, and the linker was unable to find the Unicode library for the Key Binder Plugin.

I looked at the directories under the linker and what it is currently:


shouldn't it be:


   I compiled C::B fine in Unicode build.  Keybinder is the only one that can't seem to find the library.  I think it is because the others include the WX_CFG variable.  I keep my wxWidgets Unicode library build under $(#WX.lib)\gcc_dllu (& $(#WX.lib)\gcc_dllu\mswu).

   On a side note, did the update batch file get updated to include the new Editor & Environment dialog graphics?  The reason I ask is because I saw the graphics when I ran a previous build I did (ansi) in the build directory, and now it can't load the graphics since I copied the "updated" stuff to my development (not stable) C::B directory.  It doesn't effect the performance--stuff compiles.  It just brings up an annoying message telling me it can't load the images.

  Thank you, and keep up the good work.


I thought the WX_CFG variable was removed when it was determined to not offer any necessary options to the build. Just build wxWidgets like this:

--- Code: ---mingw32-make -f makefile.gcc USE_XRC=1 SHARED=1 MONOLITHIC=1 BUILD=release UNICODE=1
--- End code ---

everything should be updated. For every nightly build, all plug-ins are also build. And they seem to work. ;-)

Actually, I can compile wxWidgets fine.  Sorry, I should have specified that I was talking about building Code::Blocks.  In the project, there is a variable WX_CFG in most of the pluggins--except keybinder, and that is the one I can't compile.  Does anyone else have the WX_CFG variable in some of there pluggins?


Okay, I just compiled revision 1594 in Unicode mode.  I successfully compiled the key binder pluggin by replacing:




under the linker directories tab.  This doesn't make a difference if you have your wxWidgets Unicode libraries in gcc_dll, but I have mine in gcc_dllu.  This is why I use WX_CFG (set to u).  In the contibpluggins workspace, the keybinder plugin is the only project missing that variable in the linker directories.

   Does anyone else have the WX_CFG variable in their directories?  If it has been removed?  Do I have an older copied?

  I should note that the icons are back.



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