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Hello developers,

Actually only when mouse hovers right next to the right-hand side of the variable the tooltip pops up showing the variable value.
Only working when there is at least one white space to the right of the variable. So it does not work for VAR1 in the expression such as VAR1*VAR2, because there is no space after VAR1.
I wish the tooltip popped up when the mouse hovers on the variable.

I use codeblock 17.12 for Fortran number crunching (gfortran compiler).

Thank you,

Interesting subforum you've chosen to post your first message.
Can you reproduce this problem with C/C++ project?

This is a Fortran project, not a C++/C.

Thank you

I don't have a fortran compiler, so if you can reproduce this with a c/c++ project then I could probably do something about the problem...

Hello Sir,

My apologies for my late response. I tested my cpp code, interestingly Codeblocks displays the number even if the variable stick together with the operator: 
e.g.   a = b+c ,  hovering mouse to b or c, I did not see tooltip popped up in fortran displaying the value of b or c. But it did in cpp.

BTW, the gnu fortran compile comes with the MinGW installation. Need to set the compiler to gfortran in the compiler options. 

Thank you,


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