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Re: windows build error
« Reply #15 on: April 06, 2018, 12:38:41 pm »
I have found a good way to set up wxWidgets3.1.1 develop environment in CodeBlocks 17.12 [windows ONLY].
guidestep notes
7.1 select which version of wxWidgets we will use, here we select wxWidgets3.1.x
7.2give a name to our project and set its location. You can config any path in your desire
7.3set author information, you can ignore this step
7.4select Dialog based or Frame Based Progamming Model, it depends you need,here for simplicity, we select Dialog Based
7.5set wxWidgets path, if you have already set global variable wx in CodeBlocks Setting tab, just fill $(#wx) ,otherwise fill the full wxWidgets installed path
7.6select compiler, let it as default
7.7make sure Use WxWidgets DLL Enable UnicodeConfigure Advanced Options three options is selected
7.7make sure two GUI Mode Application is selected
7.8first select all items, then unselect wxDBGrid,wxOdbc,wxQa three items

attachment is my successful screenshot.