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Copy Debug Watch variable content to clipboard

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@BlueHazzard Sorry for this rant (which is not your fault) as I have noticed that if your not in the IN crowd the SF tickets patches is allot of cases go no where or you have to jump through so many crazy hoops that people give up or they are not looked at or ignored or etc , so I upload a patch will get  get looked at?

If you have a Github branch I can create a PR from my branch to it so you can look at it. If I put a PR to your master it shows 7 files changes, as your master is not up to date.

The changed files are:


--- Quote from: BlueHazzard on August 08, 2021, 10:49:23 pm ---What view?

--- End quote ---
The view used to implement the copy function. It it shown by pressing the [...] button in the watch (I can never remember if pressing ctrl or shitf is required, see the tooltip).

Check out reply #5 above.


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