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General dark theme (not only for editor)

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You've changed the qt theme, now change the gtk+ theme and it will work. There are some gtk themes that use the qt drawing, so you could make it work consistently. But I don't know details. Search the net.

Thanks a lot. After some hours of trying I finally managed to get to the right settings.

Configure desktop->Appearance->Application Style- GNOME Application Style (GTK)
Select GTK2 Theme: Breeze-Dark
Select GTK3 Theme: Breeze-Dark


The final result was:

Sahadat Husain:
No, it is not possible. You can set the dark mode for all the app by following these steps. Setting >> Personalization >> color >> dark theme

To download 15 code blocks dark theme and step by step guide to install it you can follow this article:

@Sahadat Husain: You're posting in the wrong topic.

Just for reference:
Still not possible on Windows and if wxWidgets continues to be Win32 API based, it won't be possible for a long while...


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