Author Topic: Best way to teach C::B to handle some files in specific way when building?  (Read 5959 times)

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I have some GLSL shaders in my current project.
I want to objcopy them and link with my code so i can use their contents in my program without placing it directly in cpp files as string constant.
Unfortunately, C::B does not handle these files at all, nor does it react to changes in them by rebuilding the project.
Is there a way to tell C::B that it needs to process these files without manually rewriting the whole build process in custom makefile?

I thing that custom makefile is a really convenient option to use in the near future, but right now I'm just interested if my goal is reachable with standard ide tools.

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Re: Best way to teach C::B to handle some files in specific way when building?
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2018, 08:37:24 pm »
Many ways to rome...

One way, a bit risky, but normally the way to go:
Settings->Compiler->Other settings->Advanced options

From the dropdown menu Command: Compile single file to object file
Source ext: klick the "+" and add the file extension you have for your GLSL files

You can look at the other extensions how this works.

If you give us the command line we maybe can help you...

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