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The 02 february 2006 build is out.


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A link to the unicode windows wxWidget dll for Code::Blocks :
For those who might need this one (when no MingW installed on your system) : the mingw10m.dll :

For support of ansi builds, a link to the ansi windows wxWidget dll for Code::Blocks :

The 02 February 2006 build is out.
  - Windows :
  - Linux : not supported yet

Resolved Fixed:

* Exception display works properly now,
* Added commentary info to Manager
* Fixed a formal error in sdk events
* Fixed per-compiler environment settings to be applied just before the compiler is used. Fixes problems with projects containing targets that use different compilers
* Fixed behaviour in debug build and added convenience tweaks for block allocator
* Added support for DMD and GDC (D compilers) for windows. Patch #1346431 by Venix
* Fixed crashing when default workspace cannot be loaded (patch #1416842)
* Fixed tab shows file as not modified when using default code (patch #1414110) (bug 1403630)
* Added wxTaskBarIcon display for batch build (patch #1417616)
* Added ISO C99 keywords in C/C++ lexer (patch #1414423)
* Fixed default code for editors not being saved correctly (patch #1415821) (bug 1403994)
* Default code for editors is now saved only when the user exits the dialog with "OK" (patch #1415821)
* Fixed crash if workspace load fails cause project no longer exist (patch #1418161)
* Fixed web links in "Start here" page to work in non-windows OSes (patch #1418225)
* Save modified files before build, when using custom makefile (patch #1419940)
* Fixed a wxString::Format warning in cdb_driver.cpp (patch #1420912)
* Fixed a lot of warnings generated with GCC 4.x (patch #1422391)
* Fixed default command for DMC static libs
* Fixed "open #include" to not contain duplicate entries (bug in NormalizePath). Also it doesn't show "file not found" anymore, if the user cancels the selection dialog
* Bug-fix in code-completion parser
* Image updates
Regressions/Confirmed/Annoying/Common bugs:

* DDE bug : clicking in windows explorer on a CB registered file throws an error message box
* toolbar-images-not-changing-state (is a wx problem)

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EDIT: oh, now it's ok...

you just got in between the post and the upload of the 7zip.


--- Quote from: killerbot on February 02, 2006, 11:35:35 pm ---you just got in between the post and the upload of the 7zip.

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Yep  :D


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