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I want to use the windows message compiler mc.exe for compiling the message scripts *.mc. I know how to use this mc.exe on the command line, but what do I have to do, to integrate it in the IDE?
I tried the custom build option within the file properties, but this will not work with "invoke compiler directly"!
Btw, I use windows unicode (UC2-16LE) script files for the mc.exe, but for now, the code::blocks editor can not edit those files, will this change in future?


Ouch! Invoke compiler directly doesn't work? Hmmmm now that I think of it, how do we add custom compilers? Mandrav? Any ideas?

Regarding Unicode, we're doing preliminary work on this (thanks to "me22" for the initiative). I'm not sure if it'll make it to 1.0, but we're definitely working on it.


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