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I recently was reading about wxWindows(I hesitate if I want to write desktop app in Java&Swing or try C++ & wxWindows) and found Code::Blocks. Great work guys :) It's very good to have open source IDE. CB is very good alternative to Dev-cpp, I think it has more potential than DevC - it's written it C++, it's cross platform. I would like to know what's your plans for CB? It's still uknown(while dev is so popular). When do you want to advertise it? Someone wrote about announcing it on slashdot? Do you want to do it? When? I know it's still beta, but I think it quite mature and it would be better to announce it sooner - you could get more testers, maybe programmers and donors.

Great work :)

I think announcing it on /. will be reasonable only after appearing quick switch between opened mdi-childs, because it's rather hard to use it w/out this feature for not-hellow-word-projects.

BWT, Profic

PS. I now it's now seems to be in CVS, so next beta (or release, who knows? :)) is real candidate...

Another reason for the low profile is that I want to find a better/faster host first...


I have heard good things about, cheap, huge bandwith, ssh/sftp, exellent support, easily upgradeable. I plan to move some of my stuff there.

Doesn't SF provide web hosting? :|


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