Author Topic: Check Boxes in properties not displaying check, Version 16.01 on Ubuntu 16.04  (Read 5209 times)

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Thanks for all of your time.

Can you (backup and ) delete ~/.config/codeblocks then run Code::Blocks and check the checkmarks?

This is a directory?  could not find it.

Interesting - are they the same hardware?
And are they fully updated ubuntus? Same ubuntu version?
Can you look in the Help -> About dialog and check if the version strings there match?

1. The PC with missing check marks is a Dell Optiplex 780, integrated video adapter.  Everything in this PC works perfect otherwise.
2. One PC that displayed the check marks, is a (very old)Dell Dimension 9150, but it had other weird video issues in Ubuntu.  Has been parted out.
3. Last PC displays check marks, is a Dell Precision 390.

Ubuntu all were fully updated 16.04 LTS

The Ubuntu version under Settings, Details is: 16.04 LTS

Can you tell me what wx version is used?
wxW 3.02 in the check mark problem pc.
In the other pcs wxW was version 3.0 installed using terminal get & install.

I'm somewhat new to Ubuntu (Linux) so please excuse my stumbling around...

I could uninstall the present wxW 3.02, and install 3.0 via terminal, as the other two PCs were setup, if that is a possible cause.

Based queries here, I'm feeling wxWidgets has some effect on C::B features like properties.  Could it?

** Are other users' C::B in Ubuntu displaying the vertical dotted lines in the element tree of Resources?  **
(I've only seen the lines in Windows version)
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