Author Topic: "Save File As" is overwriting the original file  (Read 1687 times)

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"Save File As" is overwriting the original file
« on: March 14, 2017, 08:34:50 am »
RE-EDIT: Nevermind. While F9 does auto-save, it still doesn't change the fact that I cannot edit the blank template and save it. I have to copy-paste my code, start a new project, and save it in there.

EDIT: I discovered the reason is that F9 which I use to build and run was also auto-saving my project. That explains why it was erasing the original template I was using. Only took me 6 hours to figure that out.

I have a problem saving my work. Here is what happens every time play-by-play.

I started a new blank project. I wrote up my own template code. Then I went to file->save project as template.

The next day when I went to use my template to produce code, I simply double clicked the code:blocks shortcut icon on my desktop. The program loads and automatically brought up my template.

So far, so good. I wrote in some code for a programming lesson i'm working on. I finished up my code and went to "Save File As" and changed the file from Main to a custom file name I wanted.

Now here's the problem: It saved over my template and now the template main.cpp is the same save as the edit I made.

I've tried everything. I don't know how to save the edited file as a new file without writing over the template's main.cpp.

I just don't know how to save my work as a new file without overwriting the original file.
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