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Support for gcc cross-compilers ?


Hi all,

I am testing Code::Blocks for developing embedded systems.
Instead of using the standard gcc toolchain,  I use the arm-elf-gcc toolchain.
The compiler is called arm-elf-gcc, gdb is called arm-elf-gdb and so on.
The compiler is the same gcc, but generates ARM code instead of x86 code.
I didn't found how to change the compiler name and path in the project build
options inside Code::Block.
Is that possible or it is necessary to change the compiler plug-in ?


You didn't look good.
Settings->Configure Plugins->Compiler
Add you cross-toolchain and set on "Programs" tab filenames of each tool, after that choose that compiler in you project
That's all.

WBR, Profic

Profic is right.
Hopefully it should work. I 've never used a cross-compiler myself, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. It IS a compiler after all ;)


Speaking about cross-compiling, is it possible to use GCC to compile Linux ELF binaries *from windows*?

Just a thought.  :roll:


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