Author Topic: injecting file into C::B from another tool opens many files edited in the past  (Read 1861 times)

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Hi code block folks,

Thanks for your efforts!

I just wanted to mention that there is some type of issue in 16.01 where if I try to configure another tool to use the code blocks IDE as my editor some strange things occur. For example, I configure my search tool to use "codeblocks %f" to open the file, but what happens is many file are opened; the file I requested is opened, but just now 22 additional files I have had open in code blocks in the past are also re-opened. Naturally this can get out of hand if you are maintaining multiple source tree in different places that are the same distribution but slightly different revisions! Furthermore, the number of open files mushrooms to the point that it is unmanageable to even switch to the file that you need to work on after C::B selects some random file from the past. I am using C::B on Ubuntu.


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You hit a bug of wxWidgets < 3.x, see the following threads for more details:,21527.msg146605.html#msg146605,21471.msg146311.html#msg146311

Unfortuntaley, there is nothing we can do.