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The 28 January 2006 build is out.

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After changing to another programming style ,it changed some parts of my codes(full lines diasappeared)

I pushed the plugins->source code formatter button a lot..

Push: plugins->source code a lot, change programming style, Push: plugins->source code, change programming style, Push: plugins->source code

I just tried to replicate that bug and everything is still there.

I'm afraid if that's really happening it'd be AStyle's fault.

--- Code: (cpp) ---++AStyle_bug_counter;
--- End code ---

I had it happen many times that AStyle completely screwed up a whole source file.

But whenever I was about to get anygry over this, I discovered that I had not closed a brace somewhere (or had made a similarly stupid error), so it was really my own fault ;)

I would suggest you to have a close look at AStyle :)


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