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Arch linux 64 codeblocks crashing

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Here is the report

A portion of the attached file. Note: it uses wxGTK version 2.8.

I still have no understanding of the Linux crash file. Tim S.

--- Code: ---  <stack>
    <frame level="0"/>
    <frame level="1" function="std::floor(float)" offset="0000000e"/>
    <frame level="2" function="EditView::SPositionFromLocation(Surface*, EditModel const&amp;, Point, bool, bool, bool, ViewStyle const&amp;)" offset="000000b2"/>
    <frame level="3" function="Editor::SPositionFromLocation(Point, bool, bool, bool)" offset="00000249"/>
    <frame level="4" function="Editor::ButtonMoveWithModifiers(Point, int)" offset="000000b2"/>
    <frame level="5" function="Editor::ButtonMove(Point)" offset="0000002b"/>
    <frame level="6" function="ScintillaWX::DoLeftButtonMove(Point)" offset="00000026"/>
    <frame level="7" function="wxScintilla::OnMouseMove(wxMouseEvent&amp;)" offset="0000006d"/>
    <frame level="8" function="wxEvtHandler::ProcessEventIfMatches(wxEventTableEntryBase const&amp;, wxEvtHandler*, wxEvent&amp;)" offset="0000005b"/>
    <frame level="9" function="wxEventHashTable::HandleEvent(wxEvent&amp;, wxEvtHandler*)" offset="00000073"/>
    <frame level="10" function="wxEvtHandler::ProcessEvent(wxEvent&amp;)" offset="000000db"/>
    <frame level="11"/>
    <frame level="12"/>
    <frame level="13" function="g_closure_invoke" offset="00000145"/>
    <frame level="14"/>
    <frame level="15" function="g_signal_emit_valist" offset="000008df"/>
    <frame level="16" function="g_signal_emit" offset="0000008f"/>
    <frame level="17"/>
    <frame level="18" function="gtk_propagate_event" offset="000000c4"/>
    <frame level="19" function="gtk_main_do_event" offset="000002cb"/>
    <frame level="20"/>
    <frame level="21" function="g_main_context_dispatch" offset="000002a7"/>
    <frame level="22"/>
    <frame level="23" function="g_main_loop_run" offset="000000c2"/>
    <frame level="24" function="gtk_main" offset="000000b7"/>
    <frame level="25" function="wxEventLoop::Run()" offset="0000003a"/>
    <frame level="26" function="wxAppBase::MainLoop()" offset="0000005a"/>

--- End code ---

@superbem: Can you reproduce the crash? What do you do to get this crash?

It crashes after opening a project right after a mouse move.
This is since version 16.01-2 in archlinux repo.
Last working rev is 10692

Is this an official release or night build?
How can this crash in std::floor...
Does this happen with simplest projects?


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