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[SOLVED]Multiple instances, ver 16.0.1. Is this feature operative?

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Have you tried to disable the "use already running instance if possible"?


--- Quote ---Have you tried to disable the "use already running instance if possible"?
--- End quote ---

YES, and it worked Great!!

Thank you.


unfortunately, there is still a bug in CB: Only if you start it without an argument (i.e. by clicking on the exe or starting it from the start menu), it will open a second instance.

If one instance of CB is already running, clicking on another .cbp file reproducibly opens the second project in the first instance - regardless of the checkboxes - and completely messes everything up. (BTW, it was a *very* bad idea to put the files of all open projects in a single tab row.)

This is a very boring bug that should be fixed soon.
(Generally, it's far more convenient to start programs indirectly by their files, than having to search through the "open file" dialogs if you start the program first... It's really interesting that CB makes a difference here and simply ignores the settings when started with the project file as argument.)


What operating system are you using?

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Windows 7 SP1 Pro - sorry, forgot to mention.
(I might do tests on a W8.1 machine to confirm, but I assume this does not depend on the Windows version.)



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