Author Topic: Settings->Environment->HeaderFixup configuration Automatically Adding Groups Etc  (Read 1353 times)

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Would it be possible for CB 16.01 Settings->Environment->HeaderFixup configuration automatically Adding Groups & Bindings to have an option to automatically Add Groups and bindings based on a selected sub directory and it's Headers contents ? It would be excessively tedious to have to choose and type in all the headers with bindings for the latest WxWidgets 3.1.0 , and would be better if we could clone those from a previous version of WxWidgets or automatically Add the Groups for the latest WxWidgets headers.

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Sorry, but no. There are too many dependencies and its very much likely that an automatism will do exactly the wrong binding. We did it by a human operators based on a documentation of the SDK. But it shouldn't be so much work for common projects becasue you usually not using a thousand base classes but maybe below 100... unless you have a large scale project of course. :-)
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