Author Topic: cbp2make: Issues with "Native" project type and using C::B built-in variables  (Read 1256 times)


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Hi all

We are using cbp2make to create make files from C::B project files. We use the makefiles for our continuous integration build environment.
This works quite well except for some issues:

- Our project is of type "Native". When building with a makefile generated by cbp2make the behaviour and output is different compared to C::B itself:
    - In the makefile there is no linker call. With C::B itself the linker is invoked. Something like this seems to be missing:
    - Object files have the extension .x instead of .o when using C::B itself. This is a problem, because we use a .o file in a post build step.

- Output filename in makefile has no . between file basename and file extension. This is a problem, because we use the output file in a post build step.
- In the project we use built-in variables of C::B (eg. $(TARGET_OUTPUT_DIR)) to create target specific build steps.
  After running cbp2make the built-in variable hasn't been replaced or declared in the make file.
  I found an old post (,13675.105.html) where White-Tiger has mentioned this issue too. Has there been any changes on this feature?
- Assembler files (.s) are not considered by the makefile. Assembler files are compiled when building with C::B itself.
  I found this old post (,13675.90.html) where veneff has mentioned this issue too.
  Which config xml file do you mean? I didn't found an assembler section eg. in default.conf.

- cb2make doesn't seem to take care about "C++ only flags". All flags are appended to CFLAGS.

The general question is if we eg. missed an option or if these issues are currently not supported?
I attached a small project which shows the mentioned issues.

cbp2make has been called this way: cbp2make -in Cbp2MakeTest.cbp -cfg cbp2make.cfg -unix
C::B svn 10793 on Win7 and cbp2make rev. 147.

Many thanks in advance for any help.