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I'm using Code::Blocks to develop applications to embedded Linux box.

I'd like to have Code::blocks project with remote debugging over TCP/IP support so that when you click Debug->Start Code::Blocks will start automatically gdbserver on remote end. I'd like also add downloading just compiled executable to remote machine. The machne where I run gdbserver has dynamic IP address or that changes pretty often. So I'd like to configure it's IP address on one place.

Currently I've got automatic gdbserver startup to work by using additional GDB commands before connection. Commands I use are following:
shell ssh -f [email protected]${IP_IF} "gdbserver --debug :{REMOTE_DEBUGGING_PORT} ${PROJECT_DEBUG_EXECUTABLE}"
shell sleep 2

My problem is that Project->Properties->Debugger->Remote connection->IP address text field doesn't notice if the input is variable (i.e if I write ${IP_IF} to the field it doesn't work as I would like to see it work).

Do I have any way how I can go though this limitation? Is IP address typed to that text field stored to some other variable? Or can lack of evaluating remote connection IP address field be considered as a bug on Code::Blocks?

Hints are very welcome how to get that working nicely. Currently I'm using Code::Blocks SVN build 5874.

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Sorry to ressurect this old thread.

I tried using an environment variable for the remote debugging IP-address with 16.01 but that does not seem to be supported.
I just wanted to check if this should actually work, and if not, anyone objecting that I implement this feature e.g. expand environment variables in for the remote debugging IP address ? (and obviously also the port number, but this is not that important for me)

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No problem, just post a patch.
(most of the time I ignore long posts)
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